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Thoughts of a Farmer Movie Star

So a couple days ago we had the chance to be in short film about sheep production in the US. Now, I know this will be my big break and will probably make farming my second career, but the experience also made me think. It made me think in terms of the way we were asked to "sell" what we do here on our farm and in our state. I guess day to day it is something I don't really think about. Yet, as I talked to the camera, from my goodside of course, I realized something I had been saying for a while but had not really been conscious of.

Spring Fling on the Farm 2013

We are very excited that it is almost time once again for our annual Spring Fling on the Farm. Once again, we are cohosting this event together with the Eaton County Farm Bureau as a day to expose families to agriculture in our area and help teach them a little bit about what we do and why. Of course, the other goal is to have a lot of fun along the way! I think we have some great things planned for this year, including some great new activities.

Sharing Our Story

Hello all, well this is my first real blog post! The idea behind this was to do an even better job of sharing what happens on our farm. I am excited to have this outlet, since I think we have a lot of exciting things coming in the future. In a world that is increasingly disconnected from agriculture, we proud to be a link between people and their food. Many cool things to come, including an update on the new store and info on this year's Spring Fling, so stay tuned!

Spring Fling is coming!

Its that time of year again, Spring! Tirrell Farmstead Specialties is proud to once again cohost our annual "Spring Fling on the Farm" event together with the Eaton County Farm Bureau. The 2013 Spring Fling on the Farm will take place Saturday, May 18th at Tirrell Farmstead Specialties (2019 W. Kalamo Hwy., Charlotte, MI 48813).

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