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          The origins of our family name most likely come from the old French spelling of “Terre” meaning land. The first record of our ancestors begins with one coming from England to the United States in the 1650’s. The family originally settled in Massachusetts, but later moved west to New Hampshire. Our family arrived in Michigan in 1837, initially moving to Ionia county. John Fletcher Tirrell moved to Charlotte when there were just five other families. The family purchased farmland in 1841 on the southwest side of the community. He built the brick farmhouse in around 1865, and also helped in building the old Maurer School House in 1874.  Our family farm is now in its seventh generation on the same farmstead, and even uses the old school house as our farm store. Through the years change has really been a part of life on our land. The farm has produced dairy, beef, maple syrup, strawberries, pigs, sheep, and more. Today we still raise beef and lamb, while also operating Michigans only sheep dairy. We have always tried to adapt our farm for the times, while actively trying to serve our community as a farm and as a family. 




A Family Tradition since 1841


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