Thoughts of a Farmer Movie Star

So a couple days ago we had the chance to be in short film about sheep production in the US. Now, I know this will be my big break and will probably make farming my second career, but the experience also made me think. It made me think in terms of the way we were asked to "sell" what we do here on our farm and in our state. I guess day to day it is something I don't really think about. Yet, as I talked to the camera, from my goodside of course, I realized something I had been saying for a while but had not really been conscious of. That is that the bright green backdrop behind me was perfect for farming. I mean there is better farm land, but on some kind of global level we really do live in a sort of garden of Eden here in the midwest. Our area is so productive and so well suited to growing food! What I was telling the camera was that it is crazy that we have to go so far and wide to bring things in from other places. I understand the economics of it all, but sometimes I wonder if something isn't broken. Standing there in the amazing explosion of blossoms and green that is Michigan in spring, it just seemed ridiculous to me that boats, planes, trains and trucks were busy hauling in food for us. Just some food for thought this spring, literally.

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